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The Art of Being Present.

Breema® is a simple, natural form of touch and body movement supported by universal principles. The primary purpose of practicing Breema is to raise the level of consciousness and to support health, vitality, and presence. 

The Nine Principles of Harmony

Body Comfortable
No Extra
Gentleness and Firmness
Full Participation
Mutual Support
No Judgement
Single Moment / Single Activity
No Hurry / No Pause
No Force


If you have a deep understanding of the breema principles and ­sincerely practice those principles in your daily life, you will realize that Breema is You yourself, not something You study.

 (Malouchek Mooshan in Jon Schreiber, Denise Berezonsky, 2001, Self -Breema: Exercises for Harmonious Life)

Being present is to be yourself


In any given moment you could be nurtured by your relationship to yourself and your surroundings, by your relationship to your body, mind and feelings, by your relationship to life and your Being. This is the aim of Self-Breema.

(Jon Schreiber, Denise Berezonsky, 2001, Self-Breema: Exercises for a Harmonious Life)


Try out this Self-Breema Exercise:

When We Look with Conscious Energy,
We Take a New Impression 

Breema and Self-Breema classes and workshops (in-person and online) can be found at the Breema website:


About me

Nadine Kerbl, Psychotherapist ­(Integrative Gestalt Therapy and Body Psychotherapy), Breema Practitioner and Breema Instructor ­authorized and certified by the Breema Center Oakland, CA, US; ongoing Breema practice in national and international classes, workshops, and Intensives since 2010.

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